About Blissmarket

Using art as vehicle for re-imagining communal activity and living for current times, Bliss Market brings 30 artists into the UP Bliss community to engage with its people, listen to their stories, mingle with the space’s quiet, and converse with its noise. Art intervention here is not just about site-specificity, but about coming into creativity given immersion and involvement, as bound by history and forgetting. UP Bliss after all is a space that lives off transience and impending dissolution, where this art can thrive because it intervenes in what is missed and what will be lost, where a community might still come together and reinvent itself. At the very least, it will force the members of the community to step out of their homes and speak to each other about the art they see.

The one thing that holds water in a time and space of transience, is exchange. Welcome to Bliss Market.

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